Cooper test

This Cooper test is a test of physical fitness, and is also referred to as the 12 minute run test. It’s very popular because it’s so simple to set up and conduct. It doesn’t require much equipment. You run as far as possible within 12 minutes, and measure the distance.

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The Cooper test also correlates with Vo2 max, which is the maximum oxygen uptake during exercise. Vo2 max is also a very popular measure of physical fitness.

Originally the test was developed for the military, but today it’s used by many different athletes.

How to conduct the test

Choose a day when you feel strong. Find a good place where you can run fast and keep track of your distance. A 400 meter race track is perfect. You can easily measure your distance, as a gps watch is often ot precise enough when you run on the race track. Warm up and stretch for a about 10 minutes before you start.

It’s good if you can have an assistant, but you can do the test on your own.

Download the Cooper Test chart as pdf

In this page there is a pdf you can download and print.


Practice and pacing improves the result, so this test premiers experienced runners. A swimmer och bicyclist with equal physical fitness would probably score lower.

More information

If you want to learn more, check out Wikipedias article about the Cooper test.